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…and bright objects to fill empty spaces

May 21, 2010

From the second cathegory of LED I chose the following installations as my favourite ones.

Title: “Spiro Gira”

Artist: Patricia Urquiola

Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Doodles and tangles become enlightened hanging objects which follow one to another.

Title: “Ride it to light it (Bike Lamps – The Carouselle)”

Artists: Ignacio Ojanguren Alvarez, Christina Perdikaki, Hafsteinn Juliusson

Location: “Bike Lamps” in Bikemi Stations: Duomo via Mengoni, Via Arcivescovado, San Babila, Via Bergognone, Largo Cairoli, Largo Carrobbio, Piazza Santa Maria Beltrade, Piazza Missori, Piazza Medaglie D’Oro, Colonne di San Lorenzo.
“Carouselle”: Colonne di San Lorenzo

People can ride bicycles of light and create energy, lighting the lamps. A way to think about eco-sustainability and electric consumption.

Title: “Pulse”

Artists: Giuseppe Morando, Valentina Mammoli, Katrien Stakenborghs, Antonella Cheche

Location: Galleria del Corso

Bright tubes hang from the ceiling, swaying with the wind and changing colours.

Title: “Fiori di luce nella brezza della notte”

Artists: Lorenza Golinelli, Selena Mascia, Marco Morotti, Alberto Ricci Petitoni, Andrea Tampieri

Location: Piazza San Fedele

A grass in bloom – with blades that shine at night – in the very heart of Milan.

Title: “Animali di luce”

Location: Corso Garibaldi

Bright animals invade the center of Milan.


Some projects: enlightened buildings…

May 17, 2010

The LED installations can be split between enlightened buildings and enlightened objects, animals or flowers. From the “enlightened buildings”, I picked the ones that I liked the most.

Title: “Le punte di Milano”

Artist: Michele De Lucchi

Location: Triennale

A tribute to the Design Museum, the enlightened peaks on top of the building also remember the Duomo’s pinnacles.

Title: “Kiss”

Artist: Paul Cocksedge

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

Lights turn on under the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery’s voult, so that it seems to be under a starry sky.

Title: “Switch,accendi il tuo Naviglio”

Artists: Ekaterina Vasilnko, Ernesto Sempere Garcia, Alvaro Insua Castro

Location: Naviglio Grande

Not only the bridge becomes coloured, but the passers-by can also choose which colour by a proper handle.

Title: “Moods&Variations”

Artist: Gilbert Moity

Location: Palazzo della Terrazza Martini

Blue circles made by neon light are on a palace in Piazza Diaz.

Title: “Make it new!”

Artist: Massimiliano Nicoletti

Location: Porta Ticinese, Piazza 24 Maggio

Also Porta Ticinese changes its appeareance with hanging chandeliers and colourfull lights.


LED: Light Exhibition Design

May 16, 2010

LED is a “lighting” project which aims to give a new, innovative and international imagine to the City of Milan. The First Edition took place last winter – from December 6th 2009 to January 10th 2010 – and involved both young talents from the main Academies and famous designers (italians and foreigners). Those artists were all part of a competition, which enabled them to express their creativity simply by the use of light in many ways. The City, then, benefited from these installations which renewed its image.  

The installations were more than 40, located all over the City, from public spaces to galleries: each of them provided different light effects. You might have seen the sky-lightened voult of  the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery (“Kiss” project) or the light volcano in the center of the square just outside the Central Station (“Fiesta de luz” project).  

The winner project was named “Luce sacra” by Castagna&Ravelli: the stained glass windows of the Duomo were enlightened, in order to see them from outside.

The exhibition was so successfull that the City of Milan, which promoted the event, is organizing a Second Edition, starting from December 2010.