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The Fucsia Snails

April 28, 2010

The last Cracking Art Group’s project is called REgeneration. It consists of 12 huge fucsia snails placed around Milan from November 18th 2009 to January 20th 2010. The snails first stopped in Piazza della Scala, then moved to Piazza San Fedele and Piazzetta Reale and finally arrived in Via Vittor Pisani, as in a single file in front of the Central Station. But the project goes further: after their stay in Milan, the snails are supposed to stop in Amman, Tel Aviv and Chicago (cities which are twinned with Milan) and eventually come back to Milan in 2015, in occasion of the Expo.

The snails are 3,20 metres long and they are made of recycled plastic, coherently with the ethical approach to ambient which distinguish the Cracking Art Group. The project ” RE – generation “, in fact, aims to leave an artistic mark while sensitizing people to the dangers threatening the environment.

Snails represent the slow retaking of the quality of life, in contrast to the frenetic daily routine which characterize our cities, and in particular Milan. Moreover, this animal embodies three metaphors: the hearing, because the snail reminds us the shape of the human ear, the living, because snails carry their home around, and technology, because the symble @ is related to this animal.


Exhibitions in Milan

April 25, 2010

Here are some installations realized by the Cracking Art Group in Milan from 1993.

1996 – “Mille delfini a Milano”. The istallation, placed in Piazza del Duomo, was made by Nucara, Veronese, Angi, Rizzetti, Kicco, Ronda.

2008 – Green Project, “Nidi d’uomo”. The exhibition was realized by Nucara, Veronese, Angi, Rizzetti, Kicco, Ronda, in collaboration with Trend Up. The location chosen was Giardini Ingenioli, Milan.

2008- “No turtle broth”. Located in the Showroom Entrata Libera, Milan, the presentation “Gli specchi del Cracking Art Group” was realized by Nucara, Veronese, Angi, Rizzetti, Kicco, Sweetlove.

2009/2010 – “REgeneration”. Located in many Milan’s squares (Piazza della Scala, Piazza San Fedele, Piazzetta Reale and Via Vittor Pisani), the fucsia snails were made by Nucara, Veronese, Angi, Rizzetti, Kicco, Sweetlove, in collaboration with the City of Milan.


Cracking Art Group: history

March 28, 2010

The Cracking Art Group was born in 1993 from an idea by the artist Omar Ronda. Since then many european artists collaborated to the movement, which is today composed by six members: Renzo Nucara (Italy), Carlo Rizzetti (Belgium), Marco Veronese (Italy), Alex Angi (France), Kicco (Italy) and William Sweetlowe (Belgium).

From 1993 up to 2010 they had realized a lot of exhibitions and events in Europe (mainly Italian and French cities), Israele, South Corea and the United States (such as the Denim Art – Celebration of Creativity,Los Angeles, 2000). The last exhibition, called “Project REgeneration”, was hosted in Milan and consisted of ┬ámany pink plastic snails placed in the main squares of the city.

The name “Cracking Art” comes from the verb “to crack”, which means to break up but is also referred to the process needed to transform petroleum into virgin naphtha, the basis to synthesize plastic. The philosophy of the Group is, in fact, to convert the natural into the artificial, using recycled plastic to make huge animals. This is not only a way to express art but also to sensitize people to environmental problems. By making plastic art works they both show an innovative way to express art and a sensitivity to nature, because the recycle subtracts plastic from destruction which cause pollution.