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Well known artists vs Amateurs

April 11, 2010


Title: Kow                                                         Title: Mucca Hippy

Artist: Karim Rashid                                          Artist: Alessandro Calò

Sponsor: Tisettanta                                           Sponsor: Downtown Palestre

Location: Via Mascagni                                       Location: Piazza Diaz

Karim Rashid is a popular Canadian designer; Alessandro Calò, born in Lecce, is a young emerging artist, interested in graphic design. They both participated to CowParade, making the cows with their personal styles, and from their points of view.

These two works are chosen as examples of how people who work in the same branch of art, but have different kinds of experience and visibility, can give different contributes to the same event or exhibition.



Cows invade Milan

March 28, 2010

If you had the chance to walk around Milan in Spring 2007, you surely ran into some of the 100 coloured, real-sized cows set all over the city centre!
The CowParade took place in Milan from April 14th until June 17th. The event was organized by Media Partners, Club Lombardia and Mediamakers, in cooperation with Comune di Milano, and supported by Gruppo Cremonini and Clarins.

The cows were made by both well-known artists and amateurs: even important names of italian fashion industry such as Enrico Coveri and Elio Fiorucci, and the photographer Oliviero Toscani partecipated! Everybody worked all together inside the ex Post Office Warehouse, which was renamed “Stable” and used as their Atelier. The building became also the centre of live performances and meetings.
Sponsors like Microsoft, Beck’s, Fratelli Rossetti, ATM and Vogue adopted each cow.
At the end of the exposition, the cows were up for auction at Triennale: almost one million euros were raised for charity and given to Champions for Children ONLUS.

Here’s a list of some artists who joined the project:

Thomas Berra, Alessandro Calò (emergent young artists)
Raffaella Cosco (illustrator)
Lorenzo Damiani, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Karim Rashid (designers)
Stefano Giovannoni (architect)
Alessandro Giusti (painter)
Oliviero Toscani (photographer)
Elio Fiorucci, Enrico Coveri, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (fashion designers)
Andy (musician)


Cowparade: a general intro

March 18, 2010

The CowParade is a very big open-air art exhibition. Started from an idea by the sculptor Pascal Knapp, it  took place in more than 50 cities since 1999, including  New York, London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and stopped in Milan in April 2007. Local artists (both famous and unknown) are encouraged to make their cow-projects and  then an artistic committee select the best ones. These projects are proposed to the sponsors which choose their favourite and finance them. The Cows are made by fiberglass and then painted by the artist.  During the event, lasting  for more or less two months,  the cows are displayed throughout the host city. At the end of the exhibition, the Cows are sold during an auction by Sotheby’ s and the money are devolved to a non-profit organization called Onlus Champions for Children (founded by Seedorf, the famous soccer player). Up to now they have raised about 20 million  dollars.

Why Cows? Because the cow is a funny and loved animal all over the world. It has different meanings for each country: this is interested and allows local artists to show this up. Indeed, the cow’s shape is big enough to let the artists express their creativity with no space-limit.  Moreover, this quiet and peaceful animals remembers us the event’s purpose, which is charity.

Cowparade timeline