La terra vista dal cielo

May 30, 2010

After the success realized in 34 countries all over the world, the exhibition “La terra vista dal cielo” arrived in Milan in 2004. Here it was set up by ANUA (in collaboration with Atrium) and lasted from September 10th to November 14th.

The exhibition consisted of 120 big-sized pictures – by the french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand – supplied with texts and located in via Dante, Piazza Cordusio and via dei Mercanti. There was also a big map of the world so that people could identify the places where the photos had been taken. Beside the principal exhibition, it was installed another one for blind people who could touch Bertrand’s images in relief and read texts in braille. Furthermore, in Piazza Cordusio there was an info point, a cinema area and a bookshop.

The exhibition’s aim was to informe and sensitize people about environmental, social and economic problems. The images seized breathtaking landscapes, people and different cultures from an unusual and extraordinary prospective: the sky.

“La terra vista dal cielo” was under the patronage of the City of Milan and sponsored by Canon, Peugeout and IGP Decaux.


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