May 30, 2010

In 2007 ANUA realized another exhibition in Milan: “Equilibrium”. Opened in October 5th, it was supposed to end in December 28th, but it had such a great success that it was extended to February 17th.

“Equilibrium is the connection between the physical forces which had generated the universe; it is the connection between resources and organisms that enable life; it is the connection between men from different societies and the connection between mind and body.” (Marie Laurence Chicouri, curator of the exhibition)

So, “Equilibrium” alludes to Beauty which can rouse emotions: this was the exhibition’s aim with its 100 pictures (supplied with as many texts) taken by 54 photographers from National Geographic. Located in via Dante and Piazza Cordusio, the big-sized photographs portrayed animals, landscapes, men and the armony between them. Among the photoghaphers who partecipated to the event there was Mitsuaki Iwago, Chris Johns, Frans Lanting, Michael Lewis and Steve McCurry.

The exhibition was patronized by UNESCO, the City of Milan, WhiteStar and the Department of Natural Resources; it was sponsored by National Geographic, Media Partner and Impatto Zero.


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