A particular exhibition: neon sculptures!

May 24, 2010

After the CowParade, in 2007, Milan hosted another funny and unusual public-space event: the Marco Lodola’s personal exhibition. Opened in the first days of July, it lasted till September 16th.

What is innovative about the exhibition are the artworks themselves: they are carved neon made by plexiglass, luminous and better visible at night. Lodola, in fact, was influenced by the pop art and the new futurism: he has been trying, from the 1980s, to use new materials, lights, colours and new technologies to express his art. His subjects are faceless dancers, musicians, animals which, he says, have not a particular meaning but the one you see in them.

Thirty Lodola’s neon sculptures were placed in Sala Viscontea (Castello Sforzesco), while other twenty were located in the city center: from via Dante to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, crossing Piazza dei Mercanti and Piazza Duomo to arrive in Piazza San Babila. Lodolandia, which is the name of the exhibition, aimed to dialogue with the city of Milan and its citizens in order to realize a “cosmesi urbana” – as the artist calls it – so that art could be accessible to everyone and became part of the everyday life. Moreover, Lodola used many colours with the ironical purpose to give new life to the grey and gloomy Milan. But Milan is also very animated at night: so, Lodola’s figures seemed to wait all the day just to show at night to foreigners and sleepwalkers who live the night itself intensively.

The installation was also supplied with a catalogue which provided an introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi.

The partners of the exhibition were ABC Arte Genova, Grafoplast, Lauretana, Mirabili, Formitalia and Shenker Institute.


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