Some projects: enlightened buildings…

May 17, 2010

The LED installations can be split between enlightened buildings and enlightened objects, animals or flowers. From the “enlightened buildings”, I picked the ones that I liked the most.

Title: “Le punte di Milano”

Artist: Michele De Lucchi

Location: Triennale

A tribute to the Design Museum, the enlightened peaks on top of the building also remember the Duomo’s pinnacles.

Title: “Kiss”

Artist: Paul Cocksedge

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

Lights turn on under the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery’s voult, so that it seems to be under a starry sky.

Title: “Switch,accendi il tuo Naviglio”

Artists: Ekaterina Vasilnko, Ernesto Sempere Garcia, Alvaro Insua Castro

Location: Naviglio Grande

Not only the bridge becomes coloured, but the passers-by can also choose which colour by a proper handle.

Title: “Moods&Variations”

Artist: Gilbert Moity

Location: Palazzo della Terrazza Martini

Blue circles made by neon light are on a palace in Piazza Diaz.

Title: “Make it new!”

Artist: Massimiliano Nicoletti

Location: Porta Ticinese, Piazza 24 Maggio

Also Porta Ticinese changes its appeareance with hanging chandeliers and colourfull lights.


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