LED: Light Exhibition Design

May 16, 2010

LED is a “lighting” project which aims to give a new, innovative and international imagine to the City of Milan. The First Edition took place last winter – from December 6th 2009 to January 10th 2010 – and involved both young talents from the main Academies and famous designers (italians and foreigners). Those artists were all part of a competition, which enabled them to express their creativity simply by the use of light in many ways. The City, then, benefited from these installations which renewed its image.  

The installations were more than 40, located all over the City, from public spaces to galleries: each of them provided different light effects. You might have seen the sky-lightened voult of  the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery (“Kiss” project) or the light volcano in the center of the square just outside the Central Station (“Fiesta de luz” project).  

The winner project was named “Luce sacra” by Castagna&Ravelli: the stained glass windows of the Duomo were enlightened, in order to see them from outside.

The exhibition was so successfull that the City of Milan, which promoted the event, is organizing a Second Edition, starting from December 2010.


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