Public Design Festival: a spotlight on three projects

May 13, 2010

Here I present three projects from the nine winners of the “duepercinque” competition.


Title: Run for Rest

Artists: Maria Joao Fonseca, Joana Pestana Lages (Portugal)

These human-sized hamster wheels, based on the combination “work/rest”, want to give an ironic reflection on modern life: if a person runs inside the bigger wheel, generates a movement that rocks another person lying in a hammock within the other wheel.. the work seem to say: “People work so hard just to gain some rest!”


Title: O2 Park

Artists: C_Uno group (Italy)

This transparent and soft structure, animal-like shaped, has got ionizers inside which enable people to breathe some fresh air.. a corner where to breathe deeply just in the heart of one of the many polluted cities of modern world! This project makes the viewers interact and gives them food for thoughts about nowadays environment situation.


Title: Megaphone

Artist: Cristiano Cremaschini (Italy)

This big megaphone represents the chance to “make people hear you”: you can say something, shout, express your thoughts. It is emblematic in a city like Milan, where nobody stops for a second to hear its neighbour. The megaphone is something creative and innovative, but, at the same time, it allows you to listen to people and (what a strange thing!) to be listened.




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