The same car, different ways to imagine it

May 4, 2010

The Fiat 500 offers an example of how the same object (the car, in this case) can assume different meanings. Artists and designers, who have not the same purposes, may imagine the 500 in a variety of ways. So the original model can be used to express oneself distinctively.

Here I show two examples.

The first on the left, called the “Cracking Car”, is the 500 seen from the point of view of the Cracking Art Group. It is decorated with some of the animals realized by the Group in order to subtitle the link between the new 500 (which is made by many recycled products) and the Cracking Art Group (which makes art with a sensitivity to nature). The Cracking Car was exposed in the Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta, in the Galleria Cavaciuti, in the Fiat Dealers and around the city of Milan in September 2007.

The first on the right, instead, is another way to interpret the 500. The car becomes a pot with a tree inside, the antithesis of the traditional way to think a car. This is the project “Per fare un albero”, which was realized by Fabio Novembre. The designer imagined an innovative 500 which is no longer a mean of transport but an “ecological piece of art”. The Fiat 500-pots were installed in via Montenapoleone (Milan) last August.


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