The Fucsia Snails

April 28, 2010

The last Cracking Art Group’s project is called REgeneration. It consists of 12 huge fucsia snails placed around Milan from November 18th 2009 to January 20th 2010. The snails first stopped in Piazza della Scala, then moved to Piazza San Fedele and Piazzetta Reale and finally arrived in Via Vittor Pisani, as in a single file in front of the Central Station. But the project goes further: after their stay in Milan, the snails are supposed to stop in Amman, Tel Aviv and Chicago (cities which are twinned with Milan) and eventually come back to Milan in 2015, in occasion of the Expo.

The snails are 3,20 metres long and they are made of recycled plastic, coherently with the ethical approach to ambient which distinguish the Cracking Art Group. The project ” RE – generation “, in fact, aims to leave an artistic mark while sensitizing people to the dangers threatening the environment.

Snails represent the slow retaking of the quality of life, in contrast to the frenetic daily routine which characterize our cities, and in particular Milan. Moreover, this animal embodies three metaphors: the hearing, because the snail reminds us the shape of the human ear, the living, because snails carry their home around, and technology, because the symble @ is related to this animal.


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